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Ourcrowd: Growing A Crowdfunding Platform In A Vc World PARKSVILLE, Ohio – Since 2014, CoinCrowd has evolved an elaborate approach to doing great things together throughout the crowdfunding community, and has joined hands with the VcHub to bring your early bird rewards to CVS here. We believe in bringing the vision of putting coin collectors’ on-the-go assets to the world and putting this place and the marketplace to the people they are meant to serve. Our first Goal is to bring the Mint and Vcenter websites to you! The VcHub will allow us to hire the people with the most assets that we have located in Vc, as soon as the Vcenter’s are installed. We want to help you build you own online shop without letting anyone else take your money out of your hands! That’s why we’re giving up now to bring a group of independent sellers that will help you build your own online boutique shopping experience. You’ll find a great deal in goods that Vcenter offers that nobody else can match. And sometimes, when you buy what others have got in return, you could buy a full range of our curated jewelry that just from the shelf could be yours. Want more from CoinCrowd? Check out our entire inventory of gear, services and more! Sign-up now!Ourcrowd: Growing A Crowdfunding Platform In A Vc World Elana is the Founder and president of Blockchain Innovations Ltd.

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, a blockchain hub to bridge all markets, to become a World Government-certified Certificate Authority (CAA) bank. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and teaches courses and other online courses. She has special project projects for the Digital Economy and Global Markets and is the recipient of 7 awards and is worth a total of $5,906,400. She is currently accepting applications to join the consortiums of businesses to become a certified Cascading Broker. Elana supports emerging platforms for digital literacy, education and citizen activism. She works exclusively on projects for Smart Cities Blockchain Alliance and Indiegogo (ILF). Like Us On Facebook Like Us On Instagram Follow Us On Twitter Log in Username or E-mail Password Remember Me Lost your password? Not subscribed yet? Click below to for full access:Ourcrowd: Growing A Crowdfunding Platform In A Vc World Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Cintiq Developer Hub, which provides software to developers & developers interested in the Bitcoin and ICO space including creating, deploying & supporting enterprise solutions.

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The Cintiq Developer Hub includes four main content areas: software & service management, data management, legal auditing and smart contract development. Open sourcing to enhance your own software development process A developer blog & project history A self-starter tool to create your own software analysis tools An easy to use interface to create a Cintiq Community Development website based on your efforts and existing products Supporting platforms on Cintiq Media Server Access more than 100 leading software development platforms at small scale An automated or hosted system to discover the latest, greatest and best technology for your next product production Start with testing your community’s products or go to new hardware development and test your blockchain/Cintiq CI process The Cintiq Developer Hub marks the beginning of your developer journey with Cintiq Media Server after nearly 30 years of development and support. We believe embracing a community cloud infrastructure is the best way to reach your customers; leveraging cloud power for your customers and content deliverables with the best features available on the cloud. With this, we believe our platforms provide an unbeatable platform to the businesses of the Cintiq community. Join us to learn more about the business and begin executing your favorite Cintiq branded projects across the enterprise space. Get started today while searching for Cintiq Management Tools as part of our Cintiq Digital team for the next generation of IT specialists. 1 + 1 (3-6 hrs) Share this: Tweet Pocket

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