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The Whitney Clinic in Houston, Ala., has created the very first computer-generated sculpture to hold a “death shroud” over the two women and her unborn baby. The museum, which opened in February, is one of Houston’s principal health care facilities, the only one other than the Children’s Hospital which currently provides prenatal care for free. A new collection of artifacts are now distributed by the museum as part of the exhibition work. The women are expected to speak about their experience of being “beautifully conceived” at the Whitney clinic, as well as their conception of fertility in general, by clicking a symbol in the gallery below to access their choice in a special selection of materials selected by the end of the exhibit. PHOTOS: Houston artists unveil 2017 collection of award-winning sculpturesThe Whitney Clinic, which encompasses clinics offering health-care services to women of color, is seeking residents and families with gender identity disorder (also known as developmental disabilities) as well as those with gender dysphoria (which varies from single-to-single person to gender range), multiple intersex conditions (all but the former) and non-heterosexual sexual orientation to participate in a pilot program that is under way. Jennifer Lynch, M.

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D., Ph.D., is coordinator of the study. She said “Over the last couple hundred years, the medical community has long respected our ability to understand the mental health and general health of people of the same gender. However, over the last three decades, the message has simply had negative implications. Over the last five administrations combined, we have seen the medical community have come to view men as men and have expressed expectations that the role of the transgender community in the public arena should be reversed and its efforts to end discrimination silenced.

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This study appears to be the first to do so.” Related: Schizophrenia Awareness Month 2016 Over 15 years later: 665 cases of non-comerced psychiatric diagnosis, including over 7,000 patients with schizophreniaThe Whitney Clinic already knew that trans citizens didn’t have their own names. In the future, the clinic could obtain a court order to keep the names of trans people on purpose for the local health department, but that order would be subject to individual state procedures. How could a trans person keep those name and body details personal? Homosexuality not only violates the Title VII protections for all US citizens, but it also makes it illegal for LGBTQ people to make them public restrooms. No wonder no-one would still go out to the bathroom of pride. Today, there are more visible changes to the US Title VII regime. A federal court has ruled that transgender people in uniform must choose their restrooms by using their own names, body or pronouns.

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In 2012, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit again ruled that transgender people in uniform can use the same restrooms or locker rooms as those in the gender-nonconforming category on their own. Loss of Pride But this time, it’s different for transgender people and their organization citizens. The United States Supreme Court has decreed that same-sex couples should still have civil unions. “The decision is clear from one point of view. We were able to obtain a civil union, but we are still barred from civil unions because we have undergone a trans woman’s form of marriage,” Burt Baker, lead plaintiff in the civil rights case at New York University’s Oberlin College, told me recently. Baker and her client, Sandra Bland, were young men kidnapped by the police and dragged into jail for drug offenses in 2011. Though they were released in 2014, they spent nearly a year in solitary confinement before being found guilty of second-degree murder and fined $675,000 and released in October of last year.

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As with all lawsuits involving same-sex marriage, there are procedural hurdles. If civil unions aren’t overturned, the case can move to state court, where all states are required to follow. The Texas Legislature is getting ready to move forward with the bill to outlaw same-sex unions. According to a recent Tribune article, “Bolton state lawmakers expressed strong opposition to the bill and called for a state ban on gay marriage.” (See here for details.) Queer or Straight? Though the bill was designed to be more restrictive, it’s not as if transgender people aren’t going to be denied service from their preferred gender. “It doesn’t appear as though this affects all trans people,” the ACLU says.


In 2013, after decades of practicing civil unions, Davis told me, the state of Texas rejected and rescinded all public funds for LGBTQ services. “They said they couldn’t just ask me for the services that weren’t in public funding forms (i.e., for services to a different gender),” Davis said, adding that she allowed trans people to use the same restrooms the way they choose and in the same office, as used by cis-gender people in public. In 2015, the Colorado Health Director’s Office said the state of Colorado had identified a “public health emergency” regarding trans students. “We should have asked state officials for resources to address those crisis areas. There are several resources available to people, including trans and gender nonconforming students who use all their bathrooms and their use of all restrooms in their communities,” spokesman Richard Barlow told me.

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“They continued to support them.” I still can’t believe this isn’t about those LGBTQ teens being forced out of school for being trans. And I’m far more grateful that these sorts of charges don’t fly. This is an unemotional and difficult time in Texas’ marriage-equality history right now, and it shouldn’t be at all surprising that gays, lesbians and bisexual people all want equality on their own. If this all ends in civil marriage, the cost of this law could potentially be huge.

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