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Sarah Harris Sarah Harris (born April 19, 1961) is an American film and television actress. She is the daughter of British actress/director Derek Harris and the late David Harris, who was born in the United States. Harris, who died in 2012, was represented by Hilary Blunt. Her first studio film role was the character of Bruce Wayne. She has also starred in several television series, including ABC’s The Sopranos and ABC’s The Wire, as well as in a number of films, including The Soprano, The Sopranes, and The Wire. She is also a member of the cast of the ABC’s The New 52. Early life Harris was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the daughter of Richard Harris, the former president of the National Football League and the former president and chief executive officer of the Birmingham International Airport Authority. Harris was the third of eight children born to Richard Harris and his wife, Frances.


She has one sister, Jane, and one brother, Robert. Harris is of Korean descent. She has three older sisters: Kim, Kim, and Kim-mi-mi. Career The Sopranos Harris auditioned for the role of Bruce Wayne in the television series The Sopranoes in 1988. She then auditioned for a role in the TV series The Wire, which was produced by NBC. She was initially auditioned for this role, but she was offered the role of Robert Wayne. The Sopranotes were released on November 21, 1989, by Warner Bros. Television.

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Harris’s first major role was in the drama television series The Wire which was adapted from a novel by Philip K. Dick. She was offered the lead role which was then offered to the ABC series The Sopronos which was then produced by ABC. She made her film debut in the television films The Sopranots and The Soprones. She played the role of a young man named Bruce Wayne, who is a resident of the United States by birth. She made her television debut as a cast member in ABC’s The Syffon. The Wire On September 10, 1992, Harris’s cast name was the late David Hyman. She had auditioned for two roles, the lead role and the supporting role.

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She has been cast in the lead role of Bruce Wainwright, the character portrayed by John Travolta. In 1993, Hyman was honored as the first major film star to appear in the television film The Sopron. In 1994, Hyman won a Tony Award for Best Actor for her role in the HBO television series as a child actor. She was also the first British actress to appear in a major television film. She made a guest appearance on the episode of the HBO television show The Sopranoid, in which she plays a young man in an asylum complex. Personal life Harris has two sisters, Kim, who live in Los Angeles and Robert, whom she married in 1992 and who lives in New York City. Filmography Television Films References External links Sarah Harris’ profile at The Screen Category:1961 births Category:Living people Category:Actresses from Birmingham, Alabama Category:American film actresses Category:English-American actresses Category. Angeles County, Alabama native and long-time resident ofSarah Harris Sarah Harris (born August 27, 1958) is an American artist and inventor.

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She is best known for her work in the field of geometric animation and the art of her own mind. She is the founder of the Harris Foundation for the Arts, and a longtime supporter of the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to representing the Chicago Art Institute, she has been co-author of the book “Designing the Art of Painting”, a survey and survey of art in Chicago. She is a member of the board of directors of the Chicago Art Museum, and a member of various other board memberships. Early life Sarah Harris was born in Chicago on August 27, 1952, the daughter of Joseph and Doris Harris. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois and attended St. Mary’s College. Since moving to Chicago, she has taught in art education and became a member of art history course.

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She is known for her sculpting work, and is also known for her oil paintings of Chicago and the surrounding area. Career Early sculptures Since her childhood in Chicago, Sarah is known for sculpting and painting. She is an art historian, who specializes in the art of Chicago and other cities. Harris is a member and a board member of the Chicago art museum board of directors, a board member and a consultant on commissions. She has received commissions from the Chicago Art Center, and the Art Institute, and is a fellow with the Chicago Art Foundation. In 2015, Harris has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Chicago Museum of Art. She is also a board member for the Chicago Art Council. Harris was elected to the board of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce in 2016 and held a board meeting on June 19, 2019.

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Art in Chicago Harris is the founder and president of the Chicago Arts Council. She has a long list of Board members that she has represented in Chicago since 2000, including: Board member: Ellen D. Johnston, 1987–2004 Board member for the Arts Council: Carol (a former helpful resources director) Board member and board member for Chicago S.A.C.: Carol (a board member) Board members for the Art Council: Richard (a board chairman) Board chairman: Ellen (a board board member) Board member (worried about a different board member who is a board member) (worries about what is in the board member’s mind) (worsened about a different Board member) (disliked the board member) David (disliking a board member who has a similar agenda) (wants to change the board member to be more like a board member than a board member), Paul (a board president) David (wants the board to be more accountable not to have a board member on the board) (wanted to change the Board of Trustees), Elizabeth (wants board to be less accountable to the Board) Awards and recognition Chicago Art Museum In 2007, Harris received the Chicago Arts and Culture Center’s Art Prize. She received the Chicago Art Society’s Arts Prize for her work on the Chicago Art Gallery. She received a Silver Medal for her work, as well as a Silver Award for her work.

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She received an award from the Chicago Arts Foundation for her work and has also received several other awards from the Chicago Museum. ChicagoSarah Harris Sarah Harris (born April 25, 1949) is an American retired professional baseball player. She played for the New York Yankees and the New York Red Sox during their time as major league teams. Harris made her professional debut for the Yankees on May 27, 1973, against the Philadelphia Phillies. She led the Yankees to a 3–1 victory over the New York Giants. Harris would play her entire career with the Yankees in three World Series the following year. She played 12 games for the Yankees in the 1975–76 season, and hit.322 with nine home runs and 38 RBIs.

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Playing career Harris started for the Yankees and the Red Sox in their World Series in 1975, and she played first base in the Yankees’ 15–10 win over the New Jersey Devils. She helped the Yankees win the World Series in the 1975 World Series, and the 1974 World Series in New York, with a record of 10–13. She held the Yankees to 10–13 in the 1976 World Series. At age 21, Harris began as a professional in the minors for the Yankees. She played in 13 games for the team’s first-ever All-Star Game. In her career, she hit.295 with eight home runs, and drove in a season-high 30 runs as a rookie, and led the team in walks and RBIs. She led all Yankees with two home runs in the final 30 games, and scored two runs in the Yankee lineup to win the game.

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She hit a career-high in her home run, and led all Yankees in walks, and drove it in a season high in doubles, RBIs, and walks. She led All-Star team twice, and batted.352 with three home runs and nine RBIs in the entire season, and led them in doubles. Her career-high career-high single-season home run total hit in the final 10 games was the 18th most in the team’s history. She slugged a career-best 26 home runs and 1,016 RBIs in her career. ESPN Career statistics Personal life At the age of 21, Harris married the former Yankees Manager Tom Mitchell in 1986 and had one daughter. Media The first major-leaguer to play in the World Series, Harris was the subject of a cover story in the New York Times in 1977. She appeared in the game’s first story, the first season of the World Series between the Yankees and Red Sox, and was named the official cover for the article.


In a 1993 cover story, she played the Yankees’ opening game against the Philadelphia Athletics at Yankee Stadium. She was named the cover story for the article in the New Yorker. She was the subject, as the article did, of a story in the Washington Post in 1994 entitled “Wyoming’s Young Women”. The story involved the women’s basketball team that Harris was a member of. Later in the same year, Harris was in the United States House of Representatives from the 2nd District of New York. She was a member, but not a member, of the Democratic Party. After her retirement, Harris died of a heart attack at the age of 91, at the age she would have been at. References External links Category:1949 births Category:Living people Category:American women’s basketball players Category:Baseball players from New York (state) Category:Boston Red Sox players Category.


New York Yankees players Category.:New York Red Sox players

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