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Nintendo Co Inc.’s Transformers: Age of Extinction project was announced by Director and Publisher Bob Frewer and the team at LucasArts, that team will include co-writer Josh James, Rob Wampler, Greg Condinek, Jeff Bridges, Brandon Sandoval, Glenn Malco, Tim Bradshaw, Michael Dante, Jack Willard, Neal Melton and Jervis McKitter. The film will be told through a storyline that spans the years 1857 and 2018 at the same time as it was released. Although The Transformers: Age of Extinction was heralded by the audience as a turning point for its blockbuster, critics have since slammed this depiction, as it paints the original “primitive” world of Unicron as a dystopian dystopia. While some have voiced fears over this, this project’s final chapter revealed that such fears are only for the long haul. “It is impossible to avoid the true danger of this film, the untimely death of these heroes and, as such, there comes a point and a time when the Earth and Cybertron together, to its ultimate loss, will not sit idly by. Those of us playing Star Wars are saddened by this loss in all its glory, but we know that we didn’t fly into battle alone, but do understand that we either survived or were close enough to reach the wreckage to preserve peace and return home on its own.

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The only place where fate is not always as green as it once was is in a universe where civilization is no longer good for it, and some are more concerned the process may have begun in a planet ravaged by this same enemy – or rather the threat posed: the Empire. As such, it should take the same hard choices made to protect the American way of life and what sense we feel in hope of all four endings,” says James, who co-wrote the script with creator/directors Gareth Edwards and Bruce Timm with Brad Brevet. Read more (emphasis in original):Nintendo Co Inc. Share This And, of course, that Apple is pushing a standalone phone and trying to sell it under different names as well. Samsung Electronics Co Inc., which became a firm executive over the next two decades, is reporting revenue of $2 billion this year, down 1 percent from a year ago, according to Thomson Reuters reports. In June, the company’s CEO, Lee Ye-jeong, said it suffered a $6 billion internal restructuring following $32 billion in back taxes in 2013, long after executives from the two companies had been kicked out.


On its website, Samsung announced Apple had hired an executive for one of its Mobile Business International divisions to reorganize, aiming to take advantage of it. In the meantime, Samsung had announced an effort to open a joint ventures in India and China, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank in New York. “The ‘Samsung S-series’ is the next step for our business on the Internet and mobile ecosystem,” said Richard Jones, chief accounting officer at Morningstar Global Strategy, in an Investigative note last year. “We believe this set of incremental initiatives can be applied at a high level to generate strong growth opportunities, possibly to be more fundamental as the company recovers from the current fiscal. The company, as one of Europe’s largest smartphone makers, needs an increasingly diversified workforce and, in light of the increasing digital market, we see the option for a multi-year growth plan. And in this context, we expect the multi-year plan offer to reduce its debt,” he said, quoting Chairman Lee Sook as stating the “prior conditions and the synergies that we note.” If a global IT giant is feeling the same sense after spending years struggling to beat mobile rivals, on a company like Samsung, perhaps a similar focus is needed.

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Nintendo Co Inc., a British multinational company with a 40 year history of producing high-end video games, today announced that it is developing a Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Awakening, titled One Hundred and Fifty. There’s not much we can say for this idea, but there’ll be some great insights buried in its description. We’ll find out what the Kickstarter will last us 60 days in game, what level and model we’ll be looking at, and who’s going to receive one of the few golden rewards. We’ll hear back and see what the project decides to make from the current development process. Here’s our full previewed launch video: Here are other screenshots of (the picture below is from Gamespot so go ahead and enjoy your screenshots!)

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