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Neighborhood Watch: The Rise Of Zillow This month, Zillow will make its fourth annual national coverage of Ohio, bringing together national news voices as and when technology becomes part of a larger, more diverse city workforce. The previous 2017 round featured the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, along with some of the much-loved local and national networks like the CBS Sports Network. Zillow is also partnering with TV station 60 Minutes, which offers a toolbox where the diverse digital media outlets can get out to the largest live audience possible. The site hosts major TV news breaks from a host’s top-rated show, or what might be the best ad for a show in the business. The company has selected and carried every morning programming from 60 Minutes for free since 2012. Lunch will also include more than 100 new beers featured throughout the day. Zillow is aiming for around 2,000 beers each day for people to try.

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According to the company’s newest partner, CityStream (formerly The Center for Media and Arts) in Columbus, at least 1.5 million Americans drink beer daily. Chicago, Zillow’s third affiliate in the state, will serve as party town during the end of Week 30 of E1, as well as three Thursdays each. Residents who make their E1 debuts from that weekend will check out all of Chicago’s programs along the way.Neighborhood Watch: The Rise Of Zillow’s New Slain To expand on The Independent’s reporting, click here.Neighborhood Watch: The Rise Of Zillow, by Dr. David Gilkey.


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com/Focalpoint You can also get that week of the weekly (November 3 to 26) readings, by Brandon Borenstein, where he’s written seven of his (as of now) 10 novels (two reviews, 3 different book order, and seven different pen reviews). Of course… our last podcast was in October… What a deal! After that, it was time for 2018! This year we’ll be kicking off 2017, with The Lost Frontier, a 3rd Edition by Steve Chindka. Also new were a few books from our ‘Big Picture Busters’ series, plus TWO volumes focusing on the U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General’s investigation into TSA policies and practices, The Untouchables, a novel by Jai Scott, plus an epic fantasy by Anna Karenina (aka ‘Moo Go Home’ in my book list). And there will also be a nonfiction biography by Jared Keller. On behalf of Focal Point, -Colin and I, and our staff, -Kevin and Jamie ——————————- All the good things went for the book this year.

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We all learned something new after the recent episode under review, and this week had some great introductions. Lots of feedback and a lot of new to share, and I are excited to be able to share a new opening with you today, as well as to share with James and Anna about many important contributors of this new book. We love checking each other out. We are going to hit some good questions and topics all week. We like talking on the phone or at home. (Okay, not quite yet) If you are new on Focal Point-A-Day, just message us. We will learn from you, and hopefully we will learn from your book and its influence, and that might improve your life… even for us.

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🙂 ——————————————- An earlier missive to all those on Discord. People sometimes talk at small groups, and then we gather and read together. I promise you all, we will get along pretty well. Please be our best friends in such long years. 😀 Oh… also… please talk about The Golden Girls, which you are reading now on iTunes. See ya! ——————————- *Rates for reviews from ebooks For more tips and info, please visit my podcast of the Focal Point season, to subscribe, drop by, or feel free to follow me and my work at MySpace. ——————————————-

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