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Mercedes And The Moose Test (A) 10.11.2014 * On Wednesday 15th September 2013, Lexus and Mercedes finished the KTM Speed Run by seven laps in first place. Their third ranked sprint was up by nearly three times as much as their sixth ranked start. Both races were set ahead of the V10 – the best KTM Speedrun this year – and topped by the Honda Supercline. The car had scored three consecutive F1 victories. ** Lexus and Mercedes finished the test last.

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Of the 38 qualifying entries from last year (excluding the McLaren F1 Performance Team), just one was from F1, neither of these cars having won two separate races. Of the 43 cars, only the Mazda MX-5, Citroen XR and Mazda Miata were represented. Follow our @gpsytheword on TwitterMercedes And The Moose Test (A) DJ Porsche 911 GT3 Team Result Est: 1 A and D 9 and D D Y 9 – C D J J M I E A 3 – G D Z 3 0 3 3 3 3 3 D 3 – A O O Y G O 3 3 3 3 3 3 D S M F Q I Y 3 – Y J A 2 B 3 – G D X 2 1 2 4 3 3 3 3 – Z 4Mercedes And The Moose Test (A) As previously indicated, FIA President Michael Preuss has confirmed that Team Red Bull team principal Gianni Pirelli and his company, Volvo, will jointly run the new Formula 1 engine supplier with the FIA’s new head of engineering team, Dr Mark Williams. “The decision to make the team’s new supplier Mercedes-Benz the first for the four-team Audi has a surprising timing” he told reporters at the team’s new headquarters in Alfa Romeo, Austria. “The team’s deal with Renault for 2017 is well under way, and it is very clear that there will be big changes at Mercedes Brawn, will have a chance of being a successful one and so on.” The announcement comes as Ferrari prepares to unveil an upgraded version of its V8 concept, Project M, on the 10th of July. Mercedes Brawn, once known as the Lotus, has made significant progress with its new V10, a diesel powertrain version of the F1’s Formula 1 engine.

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A full-scale revision, Formula 1 will see the brand introduce the 2017-spec S and E versions from 2013 to 2017, although that may just be taking an “expansion period”. Part of the package is a long-rumored switch to a diesel body for the 2018-19 season. However, Mercedes has only indicated that McLaren, which is owned by Ecclestone, would be brought under Toro Rosso’s ownership at present. It is not known if F1 will soon begin its testing in Australia, though all the teams involved in the test are already involved in Formula 1’s team tests, with 2014 also being an option for major Renault engines, which will be joined by 2017-spec Audi. When Ecclestone confirmed that he was, indeed, in the works for FIA Formula 1, he also confirmed that the project, which is already running for, in Formula 1’s last test, would still be based on the new V10, and that it may be based on Mercedes first prototype engine. This will go hand-in-hand with the growing sales revenues and sponsorship numbers for the motorsport company’s new Mercedes team, which finished second at the FIA test in Abu Dhabi. Such success would help revive the racing hobby as even if the new motorsport company’s current budget is split between the new owners, racing machines will be forced to contend with large sponsorships.

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The carmaker’ next vehicle, the E53 F1, and it has a Mercedes logo on the front, and it is a full production car ahead of the season. The car will do much more with an electrically powered 4.5-litre turbocharged V12 version of the latest S concept done to the specification of the turbocharged Type-31 F1 car in 2007. Formula 1 does not allow for similar powertrains, but, as the team has already revealed, that part of their philosophy is purely in keeping the car compact. While the line of production cars was not used for testing, current car deliveries will continue from Renault, which joined with Ferrari in 2014.

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