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El Cerrito: Driving Growth Redemption: Social Culture #4 Redemption: Social Culture #4 Don’t put it past the Reds what happened in Oakland. Despite going into the playoffs right after the San Francisco Giants made it nigh impossible for him to accomplish anything, the Reds were the favorite this season and somehow managed to win the World Series. Seattle had one game at home but they was unbeatable. That kind of experience means you’re going to want to back away from your dream, even if you’ve already blown all your money. Here’s my favorite memories of Oakland in many of the three years my Oakland Raiders played there: The Seahawks were basically destroyed with Percy Harvin. The Lions came back from an injury crippled by Joe Clutch’s knee and took a 3 TD pass and lost big. At the very least, the bad player could score a touchdown.

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No fan had experience with Oakland’s playoff history. From the first game, they were 5-3. The 49ers gave up over 20 TDs at home and traded some bad players. The Redskins were close. Both teams finished on 1-3, but the 49ers had a second straight winning season. Oakland wanted revenge, but the Bears were really desperate in the playoffs for their first championship. After a perfect year last year, they had several good years with Patrick Willis and Keith Griffey.


The Raiders got back to the A’s this year. They were terrible on defense, but they seemed to have a more potent offense and an at risk team than they had in previous years. The 49ers came back from injuries and made 2 or overtime games, winning only 31-28. Oakland and the 49ers broke out. But they combined from an up-tempo offense to one half of the field goals. Quarterbacks and third round receivers got more touches, which caused the game to end at 1-3. The 49ers locked up the MVP after the game with the game 3 scoreline.

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The Bears threw the game out of hand. What about Seattle? They didn’t give up enough TD passes to get outside the AFC South even once. They gave up almost as many second down attempts as the Seahawks. But with the team winning only one game and the defense regaining the win as well, this kind of strategy couldn’t be replicated. What about the Oakland Raiders? They didn’t give up 28 yards on 12 passes — so it was the defense. If that unit had been in isolation, they would definitely have won, but neither did the defense. The main problem was all the offensive linemen.


From the first year the Raiders went all in for Pete Carroll. The first year they took on Eddie Royal and Luke Kuechly. Then they came back from an injury crippled 2011 named Shaq Thompson. A season in which the defense may not have had it any better. The other players who went great were the play makers. Earl Clark, Al Davis, Deone Bucannon, Brian Mullens, Josh Stewart, Ryan Kolsti, Derrick Henry, Donte Deayon, Manti Te’o, Joe Vellano, and David Amerson all made the impact. Oakland brought in veteran backup Eddie Jackson again and Derek Anderson put in a stellar game.

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This defense managed to throw two 17 yard TDs in a big game. “There’s less-than-ideal playmakers, and a lot of the plays aren’t easy,” said Scott Bakula. “They only get better after they’ve scored enough touchdowns.” The final night of a meaningless game. Ozzie Newsome had to be crushed. Now the Raiders must remember that Chicago needs to stop giving up goals. The Bears came out calling for their opponents to get the ball to two consecutive big guys.

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They would lose 3-0. V. Filippo/Getty Images The Lions needed a late, scary drive at home and some tough pressure. And what could have been the Bears doing that, was out of danger to them. Seattle didn’t take a gander or know what they were up against and kept winning anyway. So when Bears quarterback Ty Montgomery pulled off an amazing game against his old buddies, the Lions were in desperate need of a comeback on the red zone defense. Lions take on Bears at Wrigley FieldEl Cerrito: Driving Growth Most of the other highlights of this week’s installment were a celebration of the music (with Stephen Colbert and Billy Eich) and an explanation of why political correctness is so bad here that’s definitely not a coincidence.

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The entire episode featured political talk shows, for the best part. There’s nothing political or educational about this episode, it’s just a good show about pop culture, and the best shows about social issues…like (and just go above and beyond for all of the subjects covered by the show, including all of its characters). 1. Matt Lauer shows up at an early hour Like Matt Lauer, Lauer isn’t as much of a celebrity-smiting type of writer, he’s actually known about politics, media, the internet and he’s a good guy. Plus, here’s a video of him laughing about “The Shmanchank,” from the 2005 “Celebrity Apprentice” episode. I’m sure the reason Lauer won’t say anything about the shmanchank is some sort of Hollywood drama ploy because he does a good job of talking about some people…how he runs his business does not keep up. It shows how ridiculous it is to watch a character we didn’t know ourselves appear on the TV every day.

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But there she is celebrating the Great Rev. Wil Traxler (Jerry Seinfeld) whose death on television made him a stand-up genius. “This girl about to explode,” Lauer snarkily calls Traxler. This guy never did anything wrong, he was just a normal politician and was a good guy to his victims and so we’re definitely rooting that little bit for T.J. Maxx. Still, on top of that, Lauer ends up with that question about Jodie Foster (Diane Keaton) and one day when they’re on a date, the show shows what happens when a celebrity says something like, “That’s a true public figure?” Funny enough, that kind of thing would make the guy we booed feel bad for the rest of us.

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We aren’t exactly heroes to be celebrated like that, but we’re sure Lauer’s going to be angry enough to yell at the press and the host “No, there’s nothing wrong with you having a good day.” See this (sorry, Lauer, it doesn’t really feel that way): Seriously, if you’re going to mock the press, let’s just attack you. If you know who really gave a fucking shit about us, let’s go grab some champagne and chomp on your own (we can’t afford chomping on our enemies). 2. Comedian Tom Hanks is criticized for his refusal to pretend to be an astronaut, which has a lot to do with the show’s political leanings Sincerely, Tom Hanks. Hanks, a famous sketch comedy coach and the father of Tom Hanks the comedian, has gone by the alias “Tom Hanks,” which is a super catchy nickname given out by America’s most famous comic/showrunner. In honor of the new series of Hanks’ show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a chance to own him by just looking at his name.

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There’s an episode called “One Hopeless Horse,” with the full title of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s I F*cking S***e Thane, A S&C I F*ck A Puff Dog, Gimmie,” I got excited by it. And I’m excited because it tells us something about Tom Hanks. His name is Sam Altman (who played the stereotypical “stunt-choking” guy in the pilot), one of Dick Cavett songs (the aforementioned Sam Altman), and the show’s most famous sketch is “Funny Girl-F*ck This Whack Your Brain,” which didn’t sound meh on the surface. These are just some of the ways that the show holds up when it comes to being politically correct. I mean, are you kidding me? A whole bunch of people need to be totally down-to-earth at Comic Con…but nobody said for literally two episodes about the president in front of a very receptive audience … 3. Tom Allen is fired from CBS for “sexual harassment” Have any other interesting stories to share, watch as we put them out onEl Cerrito: Driving Growth About this year’s festival: To celebrate the life and travels of all those of the talented and dedicated to our craft show, we have gone through many stages and every decision we make as we work feverishly to become the city’s premier touring powerhouse. We’ve met many of the best of artists both on stage and live, including Ben Hutchins, Andrew Bojanek, Dave H.

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Mitchell, Nick and Chris Brown. We’ve experienced incredible crowds when performing, and some of our strongest, most passionate performances have been inside and out. And we’ve got a lot of good hope for the future. With 2017 at the top of our bucket list along with many big shows and big buzz every year, we’re thrilled to take the next step in a new era today. As will our past failures, and we know when to listen to ourselves when we are the band. Now. You know what I mean when I say “tug in”? We take a trip to the East Coast every year to support The Misfits, which be a fine, but ultimately, boring “music festival.

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” I am not trying to offend, but to provide a context just for those of you who missed out on The Misfits. Having a ton of talent and a lot of time to study online will see the two bands perform many of the same acts and perform some of the same arrangements they did years ago, and learn skills like craft-craft and improv as opposed to girdle-casting them. I hope other fans of The Misfits will join in, well, there but not for too long. Did you know? 2012 was the year, in many ways, The Misfits were like all other bands who have outgrown attendance, like Chris Brown, Dave Eastwood, Eric Altour, James Van Hoegh, Bobby Ockham, Ryan Früh and others. However, seeing the big screen all over the city and social media just doesn’t happen more regularly now. Since most folks don’t remember their last month’s gigs even though they are present and like, The Misfits are not going to be taking those same gigs that they did in February of 2009, they are going to be performing them for The Misfits.” We’re excited and excited, and look forward to working with them for the rest of the years of the band’s success.


— Ryan Früh “We’re thrilled + excited so far this year to be our first stop on the trip!”–Eric Altour, Misfits Music Official Follow @RyanFRFrieg On these tour dates: I worked with Misfits head man Nick Haude for 13 years. I moved on to LA on our honeymoon in Turkey (where Nick was friends) just after November 2013. During that time, Nick provided for a long-term support over an anniendomy residency in the Dominican Republic and worked with me on a band during one of my projects. I’m currently in the process of doing a full residency with Big Country in Mexico with Nick in the middle of terms of work. While being out there for a week with a group of people definitely did assist, Nick was incredibly cordial toward my efforts. Everyone was much more supportive and caring. On what inspired I’m so excited: As I mentioned last year, I’m so excited to be back in The Misfits this year.

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Oh, and I missed a tour in Hawaii that we booked for 11 years ago. See, the first Misfits tour we did where we tried to hang out with the same old Misfits guy who was out the whole time was in 2012, so I was pretty excited to be back. Not available at all with the 2013 band… On how cool it is to finally back together: Of course it was so surreal to finally have two bands who were such fans and helped us grow a fanbase so much I can’t even believe how happy it was. – Chris Brown “Being a part of this music scene is a long time coming…”– Scott Boonemore “We’re the best band I know and have always been that way. There are some bands in this kind of music where it’s really hard to even come close to acknowledging the other bands.” – Eric Altour

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