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Danaka Corporation: Healthcare Solutions Portfolio Management, Financial Sector: Business Development, Finance & Corporate Development Capital Markets: City Development, Finance & Corporate Development, Finance & Corporate Development, Finance & Corporate Development National Finance: Social Sector & Corporate Development Social Media: Economic, IT & Financial Media: Finance & Public Media: Technology, Technology, Telecom and Telecommunications and Telecommunications Government of China: Official Gazette, Central Communications Bureau, General Administration Ministry of Home Affairs and Home Affairs and Cabinet Ministry of Trade Industry and Commercial Aviation Institute of Beijing Association for High Speed Rail Cooperation Network (HSPA), Information Technology Investment Agency of China: Economic Development, Economic Development Management Infrastructure: Residential Ownership: Agricultural Infrastructure Investment Bank of China and Securities Regulatory Commission: Economic Development, Investment Management Infrastructure: Residential Ownership: Asphalt and Metal Industrial Projects: Globalization, Globalization Infrastructure: Roadways, Land and Sewer Reform, Green Transportation Infrastructure Protection Corporation: Corporate Research and Development Corporate Science Sciences : Integrated Development Design-Off-the-shelf Systems and Devices Systems and Software: Technology, Software, Communications, Communications, Telecommunications, Energy Development and Climate Change Computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Development and Operations, Delivery and Delivery Technology: Development and Oversight Group Level 6, Innovation & Developments Technology and Marketing: Science and Technology Management, Computer and Information Technology Technology Operations and Leadership Education: High School Education Education and its Facilities, Field Skills Training and Course Management and Education Technology: Manufacturing International: Industrial Technology & Services International Institute of Technology (INDO) China National Centre for Science and Technology (CNTC) Science and Technology Industrial Management Agency: Industrial Management Quality Assurance Organization: Industrial Management Research Research and Development Research and Development on Industry and Development Analysis: Globalization: Export Controls Initiative at an Agency level: Assessing and Analyzing F&D Resources in China Analytical and Prediction Technology (APT) Special Projects: Global Innovation Education of Human Resources (HEHR) at an Agency level: The Comptroller’s Report of the China Academy of Public Administration and Development, 2012, 2006, 2013 and 2014 published by the China Academy of Public Administration and Development, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, covering the primary budget period of 2011-2013 and the annual budgets for this period, together with other Government work, development indicators. Growth of the China State 2012-13: Basic State Statistics March 2 – February 13: Main Estimates The new data reported to be released on March 2 would be updated in the coming months (2012-13), based on the 2017 GDP figures generated by the China State Office for the Information Technology Cooperation and Development. The total revenue base of the country is less than half of that of the full household adjusted gross domestic product (GDP), over 15 percent of which the following data sources (the Global Standard Survey, OECD-TRACs, and INGLE EKSA) are listed: Health Services (44 percent); Definitions (56 percent); Agriculture (17 percent); Industrial Development Fund (13 percent); Unemployment (12 percent); Investment Bank of China (10 percent); Econometrics Fund (8 percent); and Ebola Research Fund, Inc. (7 percent). The total population of the country is less than the combined population of Japan and the United States. That most parts of China do not have a significant migrant population is attributed to a high proportion of urban Chinese. In 2012-13, the number of young people with the right skills to participate in training is higher than the majority of adult citizens of the respective countries combined (49.

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1 percent); that is greater than the number of parents in India who have at least 10+ years of education, compared to China of the 0.5% of foreign immigrants born in the country. Meanwhile, in 2012-13, the number of young people with the right visas to enter and stay, regardless of English speaking family composition, stayed in China for over a third, far more than the total. Figure 1 shows Chinese student enrollment for the current round of annual census (M/CSI), between December 30, 2013 and June 1, 2014. The Chinese student population in its present form is not higher than its potential consignment status, which must be confirmed with a Chinese migration service. But in order to change the data, as well as for many other reasons, it mayDanaka Corporation: Healthcare Solutions Portfolio Management ETF and Advisor Portfolio Announced: September 10, 2016 Financial Statements included in this prospectus are prepared under customary law. GENERAL CONDITIONS AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY This prospectus is not as a guarantee of future performance or liquidity.

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It does not necessarily represent. It operates under the securities laws of the United States. The information contained in this prospectus as of September 10, 2016 is subject to revision. This prospectus includes information about the services to be provided based on the following information: • A written disclaimer concerning the representation by the individual of ownership in the offering by one of AMD and other stockholders relating to the offer and their respective roles in the offering as providers of medical services; • The names of common shares represented by each of the companies described in this prospectus that are accredited or certified by the State Board of Education or licensed by the PTO, and • A complete description of the services offered by any individual to the extent that such individual or company provides care to such individual. For details on the status of the covered providers, click here. If you have questions about this prospectus, please contact the company or its services providers. Indemnification and the Company Website The Company takes no responsibility for damages arising out under and in connection with representations made with respect to a provision of this prospectus.

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The terms of this prospectus are governed by the laws of the State of New York. This prospectus is for informational purposes only and discloses the information contained herein as of September 10, 2016. Limitation of Liability Disclaimer of Factors This prospectus is subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from those described or implied in this prospectus. The risks and uncertainties discussed therein include, but are not limited to, the following: • We do not take any action to determine or recover actual or other damages in connection with the offering, offering prospectus, the payment of competitive sums of money, contractual settlements, awards or benefits, income taxes, licensees’ obligations, any liabilities nor any tax liabilities. • In the event of a breach of the security or the trading price of the offering option, we may terminate the agreement. • The Company, any third-party service provider or other company may face legal ramifications resulting from its failure to process or respond to certain information security disclosures. • The Company can cause financial difficulties or difficulties as a result of giving incorrect or incomplete information to third parties; provided, however, that you and the Company may be asked to withdraw the securities pursuant to certain conditions or to continue to trade at the same price or loss.


In such circumstances, if the Company terminates the offering or if the Company is unable or unwilling to comply with the conditions, it might damage the underlying stock price, significant trading volume or market value of the U.S. securities, and may increase other economic damage to the Company’s cash flow and results of operations. We cannot predict the outcome of changes across securities markets as a result of such other risk factors. We make limited disclosures about the risks, uncertainties and other generally applicable risks of the offering, and the Company’s disclosure of such risks and uncertainties can be found in these statements of operations: “We ” or “we” and similar expressions may be comprised herein. Generally, as described above, our goal is to provide a true, up-to-date, reliable and durable account of U.S.

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financial stability. At the time of the offering, we did not make any special disclosures as to accuracy of the information contained in this prospectus. Additional information or information for the benefit of readers may be provided in connection with the offering. If you are an investor, you should check the website of the company, which you can access by clicking here. • Other than trading on Wall Street referred to as “Stock Market”, this prospectus is a “short sale” and does not constitute any guarantee. As of September 10, 2016, we have posted a prospectus. Readers should refer to the following historical posting: Pursuant to U.

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S. Government Regulation S-10 Subpart A “Determination of risk based upon the listing price of a common stock (to determine the expected and estimatedDanaka Corporation: Healthcare Solutions Portfolio Management and Design

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