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Aandm Octone Records All Rights Or Nothing I AmAandm Octone Records All Rights Or Nothing, a well-known London-based record label with a strong reputation for reverb and riffs, is now releasing the new, six-track “The Phantom River,” a tribute to the late Brian Barnes, the legendary author of The Turn of the More hints Book (1970), a collection of 70s and 80s instrumental rock tracks. The Phantom River comes out on “Anchor Mixtape,” composed as early as 1984 by Mike Caputo (vocals), Bruce Cassidy (guitar), Jim Crum (lead vocals) and Tim Marre (drums), over a year after its debut, as part of the UK band and New Zealand DJ label: The Jackdaws which featured bassists Michael Wallach, Martin McCord, Billy Pethick, and Ray Phillips (demo). “The Phantom River” is out at the GMA label this week for mixtape remixes. “The Phantom River” is a single released in the UK summertime. It was on Blackhawk’s UPN World tour for 10 years in the UK and 25 years following its release. “The Phantom River” is a featured song on the mixtape featuring the likes of Rick McPhee, Barry MacKeeper, Max Kostenat, and Mark Smith (Viciously Speaking) as well as guest vocals by Marc Hamley. The title track on the mixtape is “Foolers and Worms” which appears in “The Phantom River” as well as on the follow-up mixtape Bechain’s Town: The History Of The Shadows.

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“Foolers and Worms” is the second single to be released from the mixtape, this time the third with Jeff Moore picking up the official catalogue label. “Foolers and Worms” is a double EP titled The Only Worm In My Children, “Blues and Blues” and “Red” from Bon Jovi’s album Three Million Time (April 1981) as well as “Foolers: The First Full-on Sessions of Mr. Rock.” Featuring lead singer Jim Clapp, guitarist Craig DeCicco-Coghlan, drummer Dave Hall, drummer Tim Marre, bassist Gary MacKeeper, and drummer Billy Pethick, “Foolers and Worms” featured vocalist Sean Parker as well as “Red” from his 1987 eponymous debut album Red, with the single “I Love Learn More Always (Mojave)” to be the first single in the mixtape. “The Phantom River” has also been featured on two other mixtape releases, “Grapefruit Run” (1983) and “Rime”. The mixtape has been described as “a brand-new record by Jim Moberly” and at times has been labeled “a work of art”, while also featuring vocals by fellow New Zealand DJ B-minor Marc Hamley. The mixtape version does feature the songwriting of Royce Brooks and David Erol.

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“The Phantom River” later re-tunes with The Royce Brooks Collection via MRO Records. Listen to the mixtape here “Down On Screen” was first released through Discogs in the UK in 1984. The mixtape featured other New Zealand artists, Dan Meerman and Nelva Martin, who replaced Tim Marre on the original album for which the mixtape was entitled. “Down On Screen” was initially released January 1990. “Down On Screen” soon was performed on the album Depeche Mode with Dave Dean, Matt Williams, Billy Pethick and Rick McPhee. This mixtape is expected to be the first mixtape you never hear once, hence DJs go the “Next Town on the Line” tour with Jimmy “Tigger” Colas. These mixtape tracks are based on the latest mixtape published in the UK.

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